A few days ago I got an e-mail from tumblr with a picture of a birthday cake and a message saying my massively underused blog had been online for two years and a suggestion for me to share the joy. So, I thought, yeah… I’ll do that, I’ll challenge myself to make something, at least 2 minutes long and have it uploaded by the end of Sunday (today!) and I made it!!!

At first I didn’t get started and I felt like I’d have to do a cheap bail out, then last night I sat down with a soundbyte of godzilla’s roar from the trailer of the 2014 movie and one thing lead to another, this happened and I’m sort of proud even though it’s not a masterpiece by any standard. It’s a fun idea at least and I feel like I nailed a few important pieces down.

I thought I’d fail, but it turned out good in the end.

The roar is owned by Toho and WB I guess, and Akira Ifukube Erik Aadahl did a great job on it I might add. The melody and chord progression is based on pieces of Godzilla’s theme in the 2014 movie originally created by Alexandre Desplat.

If you want to use parts of this for your own project, please do give credit to those who deserve it. :)

2 years

The “blog” is apparently 2 years old according to tumblr, so it might be time for me to start posting things again, don’t you think? I think at least.

How about this, on Sunday I’ll post something, I’ll start today and it’ll get posted no matter how happy or unhappy I am with the result.

Expanding my studio

I thought this would be a good piece to post an update about. You see, not so long ago Korg announced that they’re rebirthing the legendary MS-20 with a slightly size reduced version that supports all the useful things in a studio now a days as well as being an accurate reproduction of the old synthesizer.

This excited me to no end and long story short, since it is one of the two pieces of hardware I really want in my studio, I pre-ordered it at my lokal studio equipment supplier downtown.

I’m now like a young kid waiting for Christmas to come early. And it will, in April. I will post pictures then!

Advert music

Today a couple of guys came into the shop. They have previously borrowed the biggest (mass and volume vice) stereo setup in the store for a school project.

They have made a short advert and it looks cool, but they have a problem with the music, it doesn’t hit hard enough when it hits.

So what happened next was they put it on a USB flash drive and that is now in my pocket. Tonight I’ll see what I can do about it. It won’t be my usual style (under this alias) but I’ll be using tricks this alias has taught me!

Besides, it’s fun and I wanted to share it here!

If the video gets onto YouTube or something I will of course share it here even if they don’t end up using my contribution (if I finish one).

First gig

The Saturday that just passed (17th of November) was the date of my first gig. I took the stage in front of roughly 50 people at a furry convention in Norway called FURther North and started the night off with Opiuo’s Bill Bro Baggins at 20:30.

At 04:00, 7.5 hours later, I had played Glitch Hop, Breaks, Indie Dance and Nu Disco, Progressive house and Electro House as well as something in between, Dubstep, Electro House again, Drum and Bass and Drumstep.

Everyone danced themselves to exhaustion, not once but twice, some even more. I myself was worn out after 4 hours, but I couldn’t disappoint and honestly it was some of the best fun I’ve ever had with music outside my studio.

Long story short, I’ll gladly do it again if they’ll have me back!

So, I think I promised last night or something that this track would be out and about shortly. Meaning up to a couple of days. But yes, as you can see, you didn’t have to wait that long. It’s done!

I sat from around midday until 8AM the morning after working on this. I zoned out completely (a good sign.). I put a few finishing touches on it today, changed things that didn’t work and added things it needed to work better. Did some mastering (Not sure I got it as loud as I want, but eh… That comes in time, at least I’m happy with the levels compared to the rest of the track. (I have a feeling that’s valid until I get to hear it on a couple of nice big speakers at a volume higher than I can operate on at home, though.)


Anyways, as I noted with Beryllium, I’m a sucker for feedback, please do leave some if you have the ability to do so.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Ever since I finished Beryllium I’ve been going about creating Glitch Hop in an entirely different way. I’ve tried to make it like I would music where I create the synths from scratch and don’t recycle (Which in my mind is the ground for the genre in question.).

This causes me to fall out of my “zen” trail of thought quickly and even got me into what anyone that does some sort of creative hobby or work rather often will be familiar with, an art block.

It wasn’t until today, my first real day off in some time now, that I figured this out. I remembered a video I watched a week or two ago where ill.Gates talked about how he went about producing and what could be done to over time burn the creativity into the brain’s everyday thoughts. (My redefinition of his talk)

Because of this I decided to go back to the same method (more or less, I revised a couple of strategies, but I had the same point of departure so to speak) that I used to create Beryllium. This is why you can now expect to listen to Magnesium in a couple of days.

(And yes, I’m naming the tracks, in order of completion, after the alkaline metals, from the top down on the periodic table.)

Why not my music?

I set up a new speaker/amp configuration today at work. A tiny digital 2x~10W amp and a pair of 2 1/2-way speakers with 7” woofers. Just for the heck of it.

It worked really well and just to see what it could do I played a couple of my own productions on the setup. Upon hearing it my boss asked what he was hearing. I replied explaining that this was also some of my own music, just a different kind of music compared with what I had available on Spotify.

He said with a very honest tone. “Well, why don’t you demo more of your music here, then?”

That made me smile.


Very good music always makes me feel better. Depending on the mood of the music it either changes my mood or it makes me feel more at ease with my mood.

I originally had a lot of trouble with this one, I only got back error messages when trying to playback the audio. So I’m re-posting it.

This is the first attempt at glitch hop that I’ve finished. I have others but those either turned into something completely different before being finished, or they simply stopped being interesting. The reason this didn’t is because it was another one sitting song. I sat down, got in the “zone” more or less right away and everything pieced itself together from there on out.

This one features a few different melody loops I’ve rearranged and mixed to my liking, a completely original beat with percussion ligned up with a separate sound for all the different clips of the melody loops and then I went through a large collection of bassline loops and cut short snippets from each for each piece of melody to have a bassline following the same notes.

It was quite a lot of work, but it felt right doing it like that and I think that is the lone reason for this song actually being finished.


(PS: I love feedback!)

I've been making music since 8th grade. I'm now in the working man's life, struggling to push more of my spare time into my music production and everything surrounding it.

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